Dynamo lights have been around for years – you power your bike lights yourself by generating electricity which means your don’t rely on batteries or have to remember to re-charge your lights.

There are two types of dynamo – a hub dynamo and a bottle dynamo. The hub dynamo has to be built into the wheel and is very efficient and silent. The bottle dynamo is fitted to the forks or frame and is driven by the tyre – it can be engaged or disengaged as required. The bottle dynamo is not always silent and can slip in wet conditions.

We build dynamo wheels and fit systems to bikes.

Modern systems

Modern dynamo light systems a rather different to the older ones. They are very bright using LEDs rather than bulbs. They usually have a ‘stand light’ facility where the lights stay on after the bike has stopped. The most sophisticated systems now also have a facility whereby the rear light gets brighter when you slow down – effectively acting like a car brake light.

We recently fitted a system to a new Dawes Touring bike.


Dynamo lighting system Dynamo lighting system

Brompton Hubs

We can also fit these hub systems to Brompton bicycles.

Brompton Dynamo hub for dynamo lights

Interested in dynamo lights for your bike?

If you are interested in a dynamo system, please ask in store or drop us an email: david@bluedoorbicycles.com .


By the way, dynamo systems can also be used to charge phones when suitable devices are fitted to the system.