Pop into the shop today to see our new line in e-bikes. They are unique (so far as I know) as they take standard rechargeable batteries such as the one shown in the photo. At a pinch, you can even put in ordinary batteries – so if you run out of charge you can call in at a convenience store and pick up a pack to get you home.

The ‘Newlite Green’ e-bikes have to be ultra light (carbon frame) and use a novel drive system – the cranks drive a generator in the bottom bracket and the power goes by wire to the motor in the front wheel.
To reduce the weight the tyres and tubes are filled with helium (lighter than air) and to reduce the electrical resistance in the system, key parts are cooled – ideally using liquid nitrogen, but ice cubes will also work.
Prices start at £7,500 – not cheap, but great value.

IMG_20150401_072312 (1)